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Brief IT in Education News Items

Brief news items related to ICT in education, with comments.

Click here for a short list of some of the sources.

Massachusetts middle school and high school students may get the MIT $100 laptop computers. 9/23/05.

Disk storage capacity increasing more rapidly than CPU speed. 9/2/05.

Sales of education software for use at home decrease by 2/3 over past four years. 8/29/05.

Wisconsin public schools have one microcomputer per three students. 8/28/05.

IBM doubles speed of silicon germanium chips, to a maximum of 200 GigaHertz. (8/7/05)

In the US, out of a total of 53 million students, 1 million students are in Charter Schools and 1.1 million students are being home schooled. 7/15/05.

Rates of Computer and Internet Use by Children in Nursery School and Students in Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade: 2003. (June 2005 NCES report.)

100 Years Since Einstein's First Papers on Relativity. Very nice NSF report. (7/3/05)

Top 500 fasted computers in the world. (6/21/05)

US has an average of 1 computer per 3.8 students in schools. South Dakota tops the list. (5/8/05)

Evolution Resources from the National Academies Excellent, free materials.

The Demise of Cursive Handwriting

Supercomputer Built from Macintosh Computers

Progress in E-paper Development

Estimates are that About 160 Million Microcomputers will be Sold Worldwide this Year

More than 75% of students in US have ICT access at home.

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Some Sources for "Brief News Items"

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Accessed 2/18/05: http://www.smartbrief.com/ascd/. Quoting from the Website:

ASCD SmartBrief is a FREE daily news briefing delivered directly to you through e-mail. Each ASCD SmartBrief takes you straight to the most salient news and trends affecting education today. This FREE service will help you break through the information overload and provide quick, easy-to-read summaries of top news in areas important to you.

Founded in 1943, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that represents 160,000 educators from more than 135 countries and more than 60 affiliates. Our members span the entire profession of educators—superintendents, supervisors, principals, teachers, professors of education, and school board members.

Center for Digital Education. Accessed 2/18/05: http://www.centerdigitaled.com/enewsletters.php. From this location you can sign up for free subscriptions to:

  • Converge Online, a monthly online magazine covering education technology policy, best practices and programs around the nation.
  • Higher Education Technology Roundup, a biweekly update on the latest technology innovations in higher education.
  • K-12 Technology Roundup, a biweekly update on the latest technology innovations in K-12 education.
  • Center Spotlight, a monthly roundup of internal news and notices spotlighting the Center for Digital Education and Center for Digital Government.

Cyberinfrastructure Technology Watch (CTWatch). Accessed 2/18/05: http://www.ctwatch.org/. Quoting from the Website:

Cyberinfrastructure Technology Watch (CTWatch) is an online venue designed to engage the science and engineering research community in the news, ideas, and information surrounding the emergence of cyberinfrastructure as the essential foundation for advanced scientific inquiry.

Edupage. Edupage is a service of EDUCAUSE, an international nonprofit association dedicated to transforming education through information technologies. To subscribe, visit Accessed 2/18/05: http://www.educause.edu/Edupage/639. Quoting from the Website:

Edupage is a free e-mail service that summarizes developments in information technology. It is sent three times a week to subscribers. Where other EDUCAUSE publications focus primarily on information technology in higher education, Edupage offers synopses of a more general nature, which are extracted from the mainstream media.

Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox. To subscribe send a blank email to join-alertbox@laser.sparklist.com. See also:

Jakob Nielsen's Website: usable information technology. Accessed 2/18/05: http://www.useit.com/ and http://www.useit.com/alertbox/

National Science Foundation Custom News Service. Accessed 2/18/05: http://www.nsf.gov/mynsf/. Quoting from the Website:

MyNSF, formerly the Custom News Service, allows you to receive notifications about new content posted on the NSF website.

Newsscan Daily. Accessed 2/18/05: http://www.newsscan.com/. Quoting from the Website:

NewsScan Daily (FREE), a lively summary of information technology news.

Public Education Network Weekly NewsBlast. Accessed 2/18/05: http://www.publiceducation.org/subscribe.asp Quoting from the Website:

Our Mission: To build public demand and mobilize resources for quality public education for all children through a national constituency of local education funds and individuals.

TechLearning News. Accessed 2/18/05: http://techlearning.com/forms/newsletter.jhtml. Quoting from the Website:

TechLearning News is a weekly update brought to you by Technology & Learning and TechLearning.com. It features education news and articles and includes a varied collection of tips, advice, grants, and other information designed for anyone in a school or district who integrates technology or supports it for use in classroom instruction or administration.

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