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Integrating IT Into Each Subject Area

IT-Using Physical Education Educators

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The content of this page is designed to encourage and support three distinct but related things:

  1. The appropriate integration of IT into the everyday fabric of Physical Education curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  2. Student and educator use of IT in a manner that is consistent with our current knowledge of potential physical therapy and physical injuries that result from use of IT. See, for example, http://www.wired.com/news/school/
  3. The development of a community of IT in Physical Education educators who are mutually supportive. See, for example,
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Dean, Katie (Sept. 30, 2002). Stretching Minds, Bodies in Class [Online]. Accessed 10/21/02: http://www.wired.com/news/school/

This brief news item provided an introduction to potential physical problems coming from use of IT, and it provides several references to additional articles.

Fitness Fever 2001 [Online]. Accessed 6/2/01:

A Website sponsored by the BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota.

Kellogg's Kids' Health and Fitness [Online]. Accessed 6/2/01: http://www.kidshealthand fitness.com.au/index.html.

This is a Website located in Australia. It contains "five fun ways to health and fitness."

National Standards for Physical Education. ERIC Digest. [Online]. Accessed 11/26/00: http://www.ed.gov/databases/ERIC_Digests/ed406361.html.

This 1997 Digest includes the statement: "Heart rate monitors, video and digital photography, computer software, and equipment to measure body composition are a few of the tools made possible by technology."

New P.E. Curriculum [Online]. Accessed 8/3/01: http://glef.org/pecurric.html. (Click on "The Big List" in the menu on the right of the page. and look for the article by title.)

The George Lucas Foundation educational Website contains a number of resources designed to support teachers working to integrate IT into their teaching. This specific report is information on a high tech P.E. program in a middle school.

Online Technology Newsletter: K-12 Physical Education. Accessed 10/16/02: http://www.pesoftware.com/Technews/news.html.

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