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References (Annotated)

References (Annotated)

This section contains General References, and References on Specific Topics. When searching for information, first scan the Specific Topics list.

General References

An annotated bibliography of important general resources for leaders in the field of IT in education.

References on Specific Topics

American Indians

Arguments Against Using IT in Education

CIM, CAM, PASS, Assessment & Standards in Oregon

Cognitive Science (Brain Science, Intelligence, Learning Styles, Learning Theories, Etc.)

Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom

Distance Learning

Ergonomics (Repetitive Strain Injuries)

Games (educational)

Grant Writing, Fund Raising, Etc.

Highly Interactive Computing

History of Calculators, Computers & Internet

Informal (Free Choice) Education

IT-Assisted Project-Based Learning

Lesson Plans and Websites for Teachers

National Standards, Assessments, and Reports

Oregon IT Standards in Pre K-12 Education

Places for Educators and/or Students to Visit in Oregon

Project & Problem-Based Learning

Virtual Manipulatives

Women and Computing


Topics That Remain to be Addressed (Works in Progress for Which Some Progress has Occurred)

Artificial Intelligence

Authentic Assessment

Concept Mapping

Critical Thinking

Digital Divide; Culture; Diversity, Equity


Free and/or Open Source Software

Graphic Images Libraries

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation


Research on Effective Uses of IT in Education

Roles of IT in School Reform

What Works (No Child Left Behind)

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